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Trailer Of ‘Kajarya’: A Dark Tale of Female Foeticide. Watch!

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  •  November 14, 2015


Have you ever heard about a movie trailer being released in Jantar Mantar? At first it might seem odd, but when the film is Kajarya, there can’t be any better place to capture its raw intensity. 

The trailer of the film, directed by Madhureeta Anand is a dark tale about female foeticide and the position of women in rural society that made the film only one of the three Indian movies to premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival. The plot basically revolves around two women. Kajarya, played by Meenu Hooda who kills young girls in a village to honour goddess Kaali and a journalist who exposes her, played by Ridhima Sud. Shot in Haryana, the film highlights the bone-chilling truth that is hidden inside countless traditions and customs.

Anand has said that launching the trailer at Jantar Mantar seemed appropriate to her because the film is set in the rural backdrop of Haryana and Delhi, places where the development in infrastructure or technology couldn’t change the rigid and conservative mindset of people.

And guess what? Kajarya has managed to strike a chord with none other than Eve Ensler, the celebrated author of The Vagina Monologues and a noted feminist. Ensler was enchanted by the film so much that she included it as part of her own campaign that focuses on the position of women in Indian society.

Kajarya releases on December 3, and from the hypnotic and gripping trailer it is obvious that the film is bound to leave some serious mark upon the audience.

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