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Top Female Bloggers Reveal Why Women Love Traveling In India

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  •  September 12, 2015


Looking forward to pack your bags and travel across the beautiful India? Take these handy tips from 7 famous women travelers, while they tell what they love the most about our country!

Mariellen Ward from

I love travelling in India because it opens me up, makes me feel alive and presents me with challenges, adventure and magic in equal measure. I love almost everything about Indian culture — the wisdom traditions, architecture, clothing, music and dance — but it’s probably the people I enjoy the most. I feel very relaxed around Indian people, I find them warm, helpful and joyful. I spend a lot of time with my Indian family and friends, just chilling out.

Tips for women: I would say attitude is probably the most important element when it comes to travel in India. Finding that sweet spot between openness and caution, between trust and skepticism. It’s also important, especially for women, to be confident and not overly polite in certain situations.

Renuka from Voyager for Life

Besides the beautiful and varied landscapes, culture, food, traditions and quirkiness, I have realised that the people here are friendly. Especially, if you go into the remote places, the villages, you will find people are so warm and generous. 

Tips for women: My top tips for women are that they should research about their destinations deeply, plan properly, trust their guts and set out fearlessly.

Rachel Jones from Hippie in Heels

From a backpacker’s standpoint, it’s great because your budget can go pretty far here. The people are nice, and it’s not touristy so you really get to immerse yourself in the culture.

Tips for women: I try to tell girls not to overthink it. If you do come across something crazy the first thing to do is STAY OUT OF IT. If it’s not your problem, don’t get involved… as a foreigner you’re not going to help and will only cause yourself grief. I tell girls to be nice, but don’t invite conversation with men. It’s just easier to put in headphones and say, “sorry, I’m listening to an eBook…”.

Shivya Nath from The Shooting Star

Because even though I grew up in India, the country never ceases to surprise me. One day, I’m reveling in my solitude in the Himalayas; another, I’m camping under a meteor shower in the Thar Desert; yet another, I’m swimming in the pristine backwaters of North Kerala – all the while pampered by the warmth of the locals, indulging my taste buds and not breaking my wallet. How can I not love it?

Tips for women:

  • Don’t believe everything you read. Travel with an open mind and let India surprise you. Traveling alone in India is not scary.
  • Trust your gut. If a place or person seems questionable, it / he probably is. Stay away, keep a self-defence weapon with you and have an emergency contact to call even if for your own peace of mind.
  • Avoid touristy places and spend your time in small countryside villages where you can still experience real Indian hospitality and culture.

Sharrell Cook from’s India Travel Website

India changes every 100 kilometers or so — it’s vastly different everywhere you go, from the food to the culture. Hence, it’s impossible to be bored.

Tips for women: Generally, south India is much easier for female travelers than north India, as men tend to be more respectful there. I recommend that female travelers start with Tamil Nadu. My other tips include all the usual advice about dressing conservatively (it does make a different as to how you’re treated), not going out alone at night in many places (Mumbai is one exception), planning and booking hotels in advance, and getting a hotel car to pick you up from the station if you’re arriving by train late at night.

And, don’t be afraid to shout and retaliate if you are harassed. Indian men are not used to being confronted by women, and speaking from experience, they tend to scare off easily.

Lakshmi Sharath from 

India is so diverse that there is a surprise waiting for you in every state /city you visit – the cultures are so unique and the people are warm and friendly

Tips for women: Blend in with the group. Try not to be a tourist and try to respect cultures of people. Use common sense when you are travelling. Look at the environment around you when you head out. Try and stick close to women and families in a crowd. Always arrive and depart a city when there is light.

Anna Phipps from Global Gallivanting

India is not just an exotic land of forts and palaces, shimmering saris, wondrous deities and fascinating temples, spicy food, chaotic cities, wandering cows and the Taj Mahal. There is so much to see in India, the people are so welcoming and hospitable and there really is a surprise around every corner. Luckily its very affordable to travel here for months on end immersing yourself in it all and it’s easy to get off the beaten track and find authentic experiences and I also love India because I just feel more alive in India than anywhere else!

Tips for women: The best advice I would give a first time solo female traveller is to be confident, assertive rather than polite and also to keep things in perspective and don’t ruin your trip by worrying too much! Don’t look an easy target, hold yourself well, be assertive, don’t look lost or afraid and always act confident – even if you aren’t!


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