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This toddler strikes the national record

  • IWB Post
  •  March 25, 2015


This 2 yr old, Dolly Shivani Cherukuri, was given training of archery from a very young age. She has set a new national record on Tuesday, according to the India Book of Records.

Her late brother was an international archer and coach who passed away in 2010. The parents, through surrogacy, gave birth to Dolly who was trained like her brother.

Dolly became the youngest Indian to score 200 points over five and seven-metre distances according to Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury of the India Book of Records.

Dolly’s parents said they had arrows specially made for her out of carbon when she was first learning the sport to ensure she could carry them. Her father says –“When we came to know that the baby was on her way, we decided to mould her as an archer.

Look at this *adorable* video of Dolly performing her commendable act:

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