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Today A Fearless Dalit Reporter, Shiv Devi Defied Patriarchy To Reclaim Her Independence

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  •  June 18, 2019

Twenty-eight years ago, Shiv Devi started facing turbulence in her newly-married life as her in-laws pestered her for dowry. When she expressed the desire to enroll for a six-month course for Dalit and Adivasi women, her in-laws threw her out. Despite the hurdles, she vowed to follow the path she had chosen and dropped her six-month-old daughter at her parents’ home and went to study.

Today, she is a respected reporter in the Tindwari block of Banda and owner of her own bigha of land. But the years she spent to reach where she is today were not easy.

After she completed the course at the Mahila Shikshan Kendra in Chitrakoot, she was a restless soul with the aim to become a journalist. She soon came to know about Khabar Lahariya, the Bundeli newspaper run by a bunch of brave women, in her own district. Initially, many made fun of her for wanting to become a reporter and teased her for being lacking speed. But by the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, she came to be known as a Dalit reporter, roaming the streets, distributing a newspaper, talking about the hopes Dalit voters held for the elections.

Fairly fearless today, Shiv Devi is everything she once saw as a far-fetched dream – a single mother, a Dalit reporter, and an independent individual.

H/T: The Better India 

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