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To Reunite Hundreds Of Families, This Man Has Created A Missing Children Tracking App

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  •  July 15, 2017


According to Track Child, a Government tracking system to find missing children, around 2.5 lakh children have gone missing from January 2012 to March 2017. This data accounts for five children disappearing each hour. Despite that, the Government of India has escalated its efforts to locate missing children, about 73,000 children haven’t got traced yet.

In order to discover misplaced children, Vijay Gnanadesikan, an IT professional, has developed FaceTagr. It is a closed application that can be downloaded on iOS and Android platforms. FaceTagr has ample repository data, which counts to as many as 3 lakh missing children. The team has collected this data via several Central and state government website and social media. They are using facial recognition approach to trace displaced kids.

Explaining how the website works, Gnanadesikan says, “If you feed in a photo, our software automatically links it to children who look similar in our database.” In one instance, Gnanadesikan stumbled upon a photo of a 4-year-old beggar in Allahabad via Facebook. The picture of the boy later matched to a photo that already existed on Gnanadesikan’s portal. The boy was originally missing from Haryana and his parents had reported about the same.


Picture for representation only. Photo Credit: Witty Feed

With the noble mission to connect innocent lives to their parents, Gnanadesikan and his team have been able to track more than 100 children across the country. They are also working on a project to track families of nearly 15,000 children rescued from Nepal while being trafficked to India. Gnanadesikan says, “We are giving 15 handsets with the app to volunteers there.” These volunteers are responsible for connecting the lost children with their parents in Nepal.

Alongside these initiatives, the team is also conducting conversations with anti-child trafficking unit in Tamil Nadu and the directorate of social defense to include facial recognition in their tracking systems.

While FaceTagr aims to recognize the misplaced children in its database through a given photo, parents too can register their missing kids. For this purpose Khoya Paya and Track Child are available. In case families don’t have a photo of the concerned person, they can use the picture of a sibling as well (pertaining their faces are quite identical). Though the portals are open and assist people in every way, it sometimes gets difficult to identify in more than two photos. “And sometimes the children’s spellings may differ in the lost and found pages, so they don’t link,” adds Gnanadesikan.

Gnanadesikan is on a journey to give new life to myriad hopeless people. He and his team come as saviors for the ones whose lives have turned upside down because of losing their loved ones.

You can get in touch with Vijay on his email address- and track your missing friends and family members.

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