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To Make RJ Mrs. Sharma A Professional Storyteller. Vote For Her!

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  •  July 14, 2015

We couldn’t be more proud. My FM’s RJ Mrs. Sharma, originally known as Aakanksha Saxena, has been selected among thousands of aspiring Indian entrepreneurs in Ford Figo Aspire’s ‘What Drives You?’ contest.

The contest is meant to hunt the best aspiring entrepreneur with an innovative business idea. She has made it to the top 8 entrepreneurs. To be the one, she needs your support. Vote for her to make her win:

SMS ASPIRE AAK to 56263 or call 0124-6655357

Aakanksha has a brilliant and enriching idea to inculcate as a business plan. Aakanksha loves story-telling. She loves going to schools and narrating informative stories to kids of elementary class. What she started as a leisure pursuit soon turned into a business plan._MG_6999a

She remarks, “Children’s animated faces and various expressions are my inspiration. They get so involved in the stories that you suddenly realize what importance story-telling holds in a person’s life. I still love listening and reading stories. Don’t you?”

Aakanksha quips with a child-like face, “When I got to know about Ford’s contest, I didn’t take a minute to realize what drives me. The faces of these kids, definitely!”_MG_6965a

Aakanksha, along with her husband Amit, wants to register a company with the name ‘Aakar Shaping Souls’ where she is planning to employ people with similar interest who will form teams and take workshops in schools across India. These workshops will focus on the art of storytelling and how they can nurture the personality of kids._MG_6990a

She explains, “People ask me what is the purpose of storytelling. Apart from shaping the personality, developing public speaking skills and aptitude for observation in children; listening to stories also brings happiness from within. Imagine your child running towards you after the school and telling: ‘Mummy, papa, I did an interesting activity at school today. I heard a story and it was so amazing!!’”_MG_6930a

Speaking further about her business plan of story-telling, she says, “We are searching for sponsors who understand the importance of this mission. I want to train youngsters in the art of storytelling so that I can form a strong and interactive team. And why only youngsters? I need people from all ages – a father, granny, anyone can join me.”

Sounds exciting.

So what is next for Aakanksha? She answers, “I am leaving on 22nd for a shoot with actor Farhan Akhtar towards the same contest. The final winner will be chosen there taking in account the number of votes he/she gets. I am excited! Further, I am planning to go to Bangalore to do a course in storytelling under the guidance of Geetha Ramanujan, founder of Kathalaya. And if everything goes well, I will go to Sweden to pursue a certified course in storytelling.”cover1

Surely, dreams like this are visioned when there is a lot of support from loved ones. Aakanksha says, “My husband is a better father than husband. He takes care of our daughter when I am at work. I am glad he is my business partner.”

Isn’t her life inspiring? Aakanksha gets up early in the morning to make sure she is finding time to complete her every task of interest. “I have wasted 30 years thinking I want to do something I love. Once I made a strong determination, I found time for everything I love – Radio, storytelling, theater…everything”, says the happy Aakanksha.

Know more about her story here:

See, her story got published in ScoopWhoop too.

PS – Don’t forget to vote for her! Voting lines are closing tomorrow (July 15)

Photo courtesy: Shashank K Tyagi

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