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Three Top Social Media Influencers Speak On The Normalcy Of Going For Therapy Regularly

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  •  September 29, 2018

Social media went from just being a platform to share pictures to covering every aspect of life quite some time ago. It became a platform where many went viral because of their talent, and influencers like bloggers, vloggers, stand-up comics, online portal owners – almost all under 30 – soon had a huge fan base.

The sudden fame, the huge following, comes along with its share of trolls, followed by stress and depression. And, to deal with this is not an easy task. It has had an adverse effect on mental health and has seen many celebrities come forward and speak about battling it and sharing their experience about therapy.

Three top influencers talk about their experience of dealing with the pressure of maintaining the social media game, dealing with the ‘first to publish’ stress, and normalcy of taking therapy to deal with it with The Hindu.

“I love what I do, I love Bollywood, but it is the business side of things that can get overwhelming. Things like funding, managing a large team — those stress me out. I’m also constantly thinking about the content on my website. As we are focussing on empowering our audience by speaking about social issues, fat-shaming, gender politics and so on, that’s another stresser,” said Malini Agarwal, Founder-CEO, MissMalini.

She added, “I do go to therapy. My therapist told me to “approach the world with the shield of empathy and kindness” and that has really stuck with me. I used to get bogged down by mean comments, but now I know that those who pick on and criticise people with public lives are just sad and want easy targets to make themselves feel better. Honestly, I feel bad for them.”

Throwing light on managing a team of a leading online portal and constantly creating engaging content, Nirali Shah, head, BuzzFeed India Originals, shared,When it comes to getting on top of a trending news item, we can have a story ready to publish within a few hours, or sometimes less than an hour. On high production videos, we might take several days and several sessions to come to a final script. But we might also come up with a sketch idea in the morning and have a first cut ready by the end of the day.”

Speaking on seeking therapy, she said, “Several of us have sought professional help. Taking care of our mental health is a really normalised part of the BuzzFeed culture. Many of us have had our online profiles grow really quickly and it is a weird world to be a part of. In the first couple of months after I started heading BuzzFeed India (after Rega Jha quit in June), there were days when I would wake up in a panic after having dreams about the Twitter trolling cycle.”

She added, “If you follow any of us on Instagram, you can see there’s so much casual talk about therapy. Whenever anyone’s needed therapy, they go get it. People around me go on Instagram detoxes all the time, but I did not think it was something I needed. Then last week I saw that I spend 69% of my battery on Instagram, so maybe I need to come up with a strategy.”

Pradipta Sarkar, Content Head at Loco, said, “I strategise, create, direct and produce content for Loco, India’s first live trivia game show app. Loco is one of Pocket Aces’ brands (our sister channels are FilterCopy, Dice Media and Gobble) and it is as much an entertainment app as it is a straightforward quiz app. We have hundreds of thousands of active users every day, and if we do not innovate constantly, our users are disappointed. Worse, they get bored with the platform.”

She added, “We were the first to come up with a live game show format, but there are multiple apps that have launched since then. There is pressure to stay ahead of the market, to come up with more entertaining and engaging content faster and better than everyone else.”

She also shared her company’s ways of dealing with stress. “To take our minds off the stress, we have Bollywood Nights in the office, Karaoke Nights, Mafia Nights, cricket tournaments, sessions with therapy dogs — these are weekly and monthly features. We have also recently tied up with InnerHour, a counselling company. While I have not seen a therapist on my own so far, I am really looking forward to their workshops, and to speak to a counsellor soon. There is comfort in knowing that I can easily access a trained professional who can help me,” shared Pradipta.

H/T: The Hindu

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