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Three Guidelines By Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar For PCOD And Pain-Free Periods

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  •  July 26, 2018

Hormonal disorder Polycystic Ovarian Disease or PCOD affects one in 10 women. Irregular and painful periods, excessive hair growth, acne, and erratic hormonal behaviour are a few of the symptoms of the disorder.

PCOD is a condition when a woman has a number of small cysts in the ovaries. No certain cause or cure has been yet detected for the disorder. However, a few changes in the lifestyle can ease the painful symptoms. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently shared three guidelines for PCOD and pain-free periods on her Instagram.

Top 3 guidelines for #pcod and #painfreeperiods

6,865 Likes, 228 Comments – Rujuta Diwekar (@rujuta.diwekar) on Instagram: “Top 3 guidelines for #pcod and #painfreeperiods”

The first guideline is to gauge health using natural methods, for which she shared three real indicators. First is to check and observe your energy levels throughout the day. Second is your sleep quality during the night and third is compliance with your exercise plan. Rujuta believes that these natural indicators work better as opposed to Artificial Intelligence.

The second guideline is to consume superfoods for a healthy diet. She said, “This helps with insulin sensitivity and regulates periods.” She suggested coconut, ghee, jaggery, and aliv seeds (watercress seeds) to deal with enlarged pores on the skin. To prevent PMS and migraines, Diwekar suggested consuming raw bananas, suran (elephant foot yam), and sprouted legume. She said that these will also prevent spotting that goes on for days. Diwekar said that superfoods like nachni, either as dosa, porridge or bhakri, will work in preventing cramps and acne that tends to sprout around the chin.

The third set of guidelines is for pain-free periods. She suggested being involved in some form of exercise to ensure a pain-free period. “Weight train once a week to improve bone mineral density and muscle tone. Practice yoga asanas, especially the restorative poses like supta baddhakonasana to ease pain during heavy flow,” she suggested. And to battle those annoying cramps, headaches, and backaches, Rujuta recommended having a calcium and a B12 supplement during the entire week of your period.

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