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Thousands Defied The Grey Smog To Celebrate A Rainbow At The 10th Delhi Queer Pride Parade 2017

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  •  November 13, 2017


Delhi witnessed a colorful Sunday this weekend as hundreds poured on the streets wearing rainbow flags, posters, and placards for the tenth annual queer pride parade. Vehemently demanding the repeal of Section 377 and equal rights for LGBTQ people, they didn’t let the dense grey blanket of smog stop them.

This historic protest-cum-celebration represents a milestone ten years of collective struggle to battle all forms of shame, stigma, transphobia, homophobia, and socio-economic hierarchy, at a time when such an assertion of dignity and self-respect grows in need and vitality, said a press release organized by the event organizers.

“This is like coming out for us. We are expressing our right to live with dignity. The attitude of the society towards us has to change,” said Johnson, a Chennai-based activist, who was in Delhi to attend his first pride parade.  

“We’re fighting for the right of everybody in this country to live as an equal citizen, which means that everybody should be able to live their life the way they want to,” said Manak Matiyani, one of the organisers as he recounted how being wealthy and educated helped him in living life openly as a gay person but knows how hard it must be for the ones who lack these privileges.

Pumped on an undying spirit to change the partial law system, this march took place from near Barakhamba Road and ended close to Jantar Mantar.

Queer Pride Parade

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Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code criminalizes ‘unnatural’ sexual acts which include a sexual relationship between individuals of the same gender.

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