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This Woman Tells Exactly What Every “Fat” Girl In Love With A “Skinny” Boy Feels

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  •  September 23, 2016


When I watched, Rachel Wiley’s poetic rant, “10 Honest Thoughts On Being Loved by a Skinny Boy,” I whistled and I cheered. And, yes, I cried. Not because I was sad, but, I cried because I felt liberated.

She’s bang on with what “fat,” “bigger” girls deal with every day and how sometimes very subtly, people like to place us beneath them, just because we are “Fat”

“Finding me beautiful is not a novelty, I am not a novelty!”

Thank you, for telling the world that we don’t need to separate fat from beautiful. We are fat, and yes, we are beautiful.

You are one Fatasstic chick, Rachel Wiley!

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