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This Woman Is Turning Her Husband’s Old Shirts Into Cute Clothes For Her 3 Y.O. Girl

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  •  August 11, 2017


If you’ve always wondered what to do with your husband’s oversized clothes, take a cue from this creative mommy.

Stephanie Miller never wanted to throw her husband’s clothes that he had stopped wearing so she decided to turn them into adorable outfits for their 3-year-old daughter. From frocks to hot pants, the little one has now got many new clothes to flaunt.recycle old clothes recycle old clothes

Stephanie is an art teacher who lives with her family in Utah. To recycle the old clothes, she brought a $50 sewing machine from Walmart and took online lessons from YouTube videos. Amazingly, the sewing process has helped her overcome the postpartum depression.

She says, “We were living in a one-bedroom apartment with little space for me to set up my paintings, the oil paints have unhealthy fumes, and it took me too long to set up my paints with a baby to care for. I was suffering from postpartum depression, and with the lifestyle shock of motherhood, I felt a loss of identity.”recycle old clothes

She adds, “Three months ago, my husband was getting rid of clothes and on top of the pile was a shirt I had just given him for Christmas. I was frustrated at him for wanting to get rid of something so new, but it had shrunk. I kept it and a few of his other shirts in hopes of making something out of them. I follow some other seamstresses on Instagram and saw some of their refashions and thought, ‘I could try that.’”recycle old clothes

Talking about her daughter, she remarks, “My 3-year-old calls the dresses I make her ‘Elsa dresses’ and wears hers every week. When I’m doing laundry my little girls will pick up their daddy’s shirts and make requests for dresses.”recycle old clothes

Now that she is famous, her extended family and friends have started to donate their old clothes to her so she can use the fabrics and turn them into something fashionable! This is so cool, right?


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