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This Woman Is All Set To Marry An Extra-large Pizza! Find Out Why!

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  •  November 5, 2015


Are you one of those people who just can’t get enough of pizzas and are hopelessly in love with all the different varieties of this Italian thing? Well, you must know you are not alone as countless other people too love nothing more than munching on an extra large pizza. And some even go to the extent of taking engagement photos with it!

Yup, you read it right.

“I just want you. Nothing else, Just you!”

That’s what 19 year-old Nicole Larson said while making an engagement album with her fiancé, a pizza.

Apparently in a parody engagement album, Larson recently posted 16 photos on Facebook, clutching a box of pizzas. She named the album “Couple Pictures 2015” and shortly after that, they became a huge hit on the internet.563277171c00007700570f63

Well, it surely seems that people on the internet have found the idea terrific since the photos have garnered over 12,000 likes and 30,000 shares on Facebook.

So what was the inspiration for Larson behind this hilarious photo shoot?

She says that she wanted to spoof other couples who often post lovey-dovey pictures on Facebook. And since she is single, she feels that pizza is the most appropriate Prince Charming because ‘it never lets you down.’56327717190000a600b953f1

She also has a bit of valuable advice for those who seem to be a little desperate in quest of love. Larson says that everyone appears to be trying to find partners, but for a change doing something that might brighten your day is also a great idea. Well, we completely second her because folks, being happy and cheerful is much more important than feeling grumpy over a failed relationship.56327717190000a600b953f2

As this girl with a terrific sense of humour puts it, “If that is a boyfriend, great! If it’s eating a full box of pizza to yourself that is also great!”5632771714000093013c97d5

So next time you are feeling depressed on your still single status or trying to get over a nasty breakup, you can surely count on a box of extra-large pizzas with toppings of your choice that will ably play agony aunt to your problems!!563277181c00007700570f64

And guess what? She even got a message from Pizza Hut on Facebook that they absolutely adored her photos with ‘beau’ pizza and soon they are going to send some free pizzas on her way to tickle her taste buds.

Well Larson, you go girl!5632773f1c00007700570f66

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