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Rajshree Gautam

IWB Intern

This Village Carried Out A Cashless Marriage & Set An Example For The Country

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  •  January 10, 2017


Amidst the demonetization crisis, a marriage took place. Now, you might wonder, what’s unique about this particular wedding.

Well, this was a marriage with a difference. The entire marriage was cashless, and a toilet was built at the groom’s place. The wedding took place at a temple at Badia in East Singhbhum district in Jamshedpur.

Before the marriage, which took place yesterday, the family members of the bride Sunita, a resident of Itihasa village in West Singhbhum district, and the bridegroom Subhash Nayak of Badia village, joined hands and entire village participated in the construction of a toilet in Nayak’s home.

The construction of the toilet began late Sunday night and was completed before the last ceremony of marriage. Sanjay Kumar, the man who motivated both the families to opt for cashless marriage, said all payments for the marriage, from tent house rent to purchase of vegetables, groceries, and jewelry, were made without cash. Even Dakshina to the priest was paid through cheque.


Both families, as well as the villagers, were happy to be a part of the cashless society movement launched across the country. Interestingly, a joint account of bride and groom was also opened and an ATM card was handed over to them during the ceremony.

The cashless marriage was certainly first-of-its-kind following the demonetization act and we hope that it serves as an example for the entire society.

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