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This Sarpanch from Haryana Asked Families to Click Selfies with Daughters. Read Why.

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  •  June 15, 2015


You don’t read news of people working towards the welfare of girl child every day, especially in rural India. That too in Haryana, where the girl child mortality rate is rather high.

When Bibipur village panchayat head, Sunil Jaglan, decided to spread awareness about the welfare of girl child, female foeticide and girl education, he became the national news. Moreover, his idea was too interesting to be ignored – Sunil asked the village families to click Selfies with their daughters!

He launched a WhatsApp ‘Selfie With Daughter’ contest in which participants were promised assured cash reward and certificate.

Such a modern Tau 😀

The participants were required to take selfies with their daughters and send them to Sunil Jaglan through WhatsApp. A group of 30 women council leaders then chose 3 best-looking photos that were later felicitated with trophies, certificates and Rs 2100 cash prize each!

Sunil Jaglan says:

“I have received over 100 selfies with daughters from across the state in last three days. Usually we don’t see many pictures of daughters in people’s house. The objective of the contest is to increase importance of daughters in their homes. Clicking selfies is the latest craze, so we decided to hold this contest to encourage parents to take pictures with their daughters.”

In the past, this village was in news after it declared its first women-driven khap panchayat that charge people found guilty in female foeticide with murder. Whoa!

PS – We guess, people in Haryana are really trying hard to bring upon a positive change.

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