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Himanshu Roy

IWB Blogger

This Rape Survivor Is All Set To Become A Pradhan For Her Village’s Betterment

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  •  December 18, 2015


She was raped, harassed by the police and was sent to jail after being falsely accused of theft. But 17-year-old Sheelu Nishad wasn’t the one to throw in her towel. This braveheart from the Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh waged a battle against the system, the MLA who had raped her and the corrupt policemen until she got justice and her rapists received a prison sentence.

I must say that this young girl is such a person, who changes our misinformed idea about the struggle in life. Be it her energy or her ever independent spirit, she is not the one to stay quiet and tolerate injustice.

In a land where politics and fanatics go hand in hand, Sheelu is a hope of many. She has filed her nomination for the post of pradhan of her village Shahbajpur.

“My name is Sheelu Nishad. I’m contesting from Gram Sabha Barkola. I’m from Shahbajpur. Police post Naraini. District Banda,” she told Khabar Lahariya in an interview.

It was, perhaps, her experiences during her long battle for justice that have changed her. Today we see a fearless woman that doesn’t shy away from challenging patriarchy through her provocative statements and emits a sense of sincerity. She makes it clear to her supporters as well as critics that she is a woman of her word.

The villagers feel that staying true to her campaign, she will get the things done for the development of the village.

“Kuch log accha kehte hain, kuch log bura,” that is how Sheelu terms her relation with the villagers. She says that her being good or bad depends upon the behavior that she gets from the people.

And the things that are on her agenda? The underdeveloped nature of her village, blatant corruption and the way authorities harass people, are few major loopholes she wants to correct. We salute you, Sheelu.

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