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This Photo-Project Features Women Telling Which Part Of Their Bodies They Admire The Most

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  •  January 12, 2016


Photographer Eva Woolridge’s project called “Embrace Your Essence” is a photo series highlighting women from different parts of the world talking about their favorite physical features. 

“Embrace Your Essence” features images of 12 college women showing off what they love most about their bodies, with quotes from each about why they chose that particular feature.

Eva told The Huffington Post, “The foundation of the project was based on an idea that my mom instilled in me when I was growing up; that everyone has, at least, one beautiful feature to be proud of, whether it’s one’s hair, eyes, freckles, scar, or birth mark, as well as an endless list of their inner beauty. I think the women involved wanted to be a part of the solution. They wanted to change this cycle of self-criticism and embrace every magnificent element of themselves. I told them ‘I do not want to know what other people find beautiful… I want to know what you find beautiful about yourself.”

With this project, she wants to help women recognize self-love.

She added, “As a young woman, I have faced my turmoils with who I am and my body image. I can tell you 100 of reasons why I don’t like my hands, but why to waste the energy and hurt my self-esteem in the process. Let me instead tell you 1000 reasons why I love my smile… We already face enough negativity. Why add to it? Instead, embrace your essence, because only when we embrace ourselves, is when we will truly love who we are.”

Check out Eva’s work here Instagram, Facebookwebsite.

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