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Himanshu Roy

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This Muslim Girl Wants To Pursue Boxing Wearing A Hijab, And We’re With Her

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  •  December 17, 2015


“I might be a girl, but you hit like a girl.”

Yes that’s what 15-year-old Amiya Zafar told after throwing a knockout punch to the one of the guys who used to mock her for aspiring to become a boxer.

This girl from Minnesota is one who doesn’t back off from challenges in life and have a tendency to make her detractors eat their own words.

They told her that with her height of 5 feet 1 inches, she doesn’t have a body of a boxer. And guess what, in two years time, she has not only become a boxer but now also gives boxing lessons to girls her age.

But her courage shows from her choice and decision to enter the boxing ring wearing a hijab.

Question – What if a girl wants to wear a hijab while throwing down a knockout punch? Do you think that rules should be amended?

The American boxing authorities were in a dilemma after hearing Amiya’s request. In the boxing rules, wearing a hijab is not allowed during a match. But this is what gives us some food for thought.

Do you think that there are many rules that are made without considering exceptions or possibilities that may make people to rethink and amend them? In the long line of boxers, right from the lethal Muhammed Ali to Mike Tyson or even our very own Mary Kom, there is no dearth of heroes.

So how can wearing a hijab be a hindrance to be allowed to participate in a hijab competition?

The boxing federation of USA has asked the world boxing authority AIBA, to look into the matter and decide that whether an exception should be made for young Amiya.

Her family, of course, are staunch supporters of this brave girl and say that they will wait for the boxing authorities to squirm from their slumber and give a favourable verdict.

And who knows, maybe one day we will get to see Amiya at the Olympics, head covered with a hijab and clutching the much coveted belt of the world champion. That be a lesson for all of us that some of the most pleasant moments in the history has come because of people who dared to think differently.

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