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This Model Lost Her Jaw to Cancer. Read How She Fought The Situation

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  •  August 10, 2015

A famous model for Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, Elizaveta Bulokhova suffered from osteosarcoma or bone cancer in her jaw during her mid-twenties. When she was just 24, she noticed the right side of her jaw swollen with an unbearable pain.


She underwent surgery which resulted in 95% of her jaw being removed, followed by a series of surgeries to reconstruct her jaw. She tells People, “Surgeons used a fibula bone from my right leg, and nerve and skin tissue harvested from leg, arm, hip and shoulder to perform reconstructive surgery on my jaw.”



What more? She discovered her pregnancy just before her chemotherapies were to begin. She was advised to terminate it; however she decided to deliver the baby early. The baby, Valentin, was born via caesarean section after which he had to live in neonatal intensive care for 51 days. After his birth, Elizaveta started with her chemo. She tells, “Chemo kills all taste buds, so I was not hungry and I couldn’t even chew properly. I was scared to drink because sometimes even water would come out of the side of my face and that would really traumatize me, and my stomach shrunk because of the liquid diet. There was no way I could eat at all. I became very malnourished. The mechanical process of eating was terrible.”

Kudos to this strong mommy!


It was when the Toronto-based photographer Manolo Ceron met her. Dressed in nothing but makeup by Julia Stone, Manolo put her scars in full display. Elizaveta remembers, “One thing I asked Manolo is to show off all of my scars. I wanted to embrace them.” Check out some of the pictures from the shoot below:


Elizaveta’s modeling career isn’t the same now. However, she is least bothered about it. She says, “Looks change but how we feel about ourselves is up to us. Why not choose to be happy and do what makes you happy?”


You’re beautiful, Elizaveta. Hugs.

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