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This Makeup Trick Will Bring Out Your Eyes The Best Possible Way

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  •  October 31, 2015


The Glossary of makeup names seems to be bigger than a science glossary. Ugh! There’s so much to absorb, how can we even begin to gobble it down our throats? Makeup tricks however are easy to memorize, because cheat tips are always what we keep looking for! *giggles*

Tightlining is a new way to make your eyes look more beautiful than ever. Imagine that on a special date with that special one, he can’t stop staring into your eyes!

Well, it’s nothing but a quick eyeliner tip which makes eyelashes look more voluminous and eyes lively! The technique has lingered for a long time but Kevyn Aucoin and Laura Mercier popularized it in the industry as Tightlining. It provides an imperceptible definition and structure to the face by filling in any gaps in the lash line, creating contrast with the irises.


Celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein commented, “”That contrast helps really define the eye without making it look made up. Done properly, it should not look like you are wearing eyeliner at all,” she told HuffPost. “Your eyes should just look bigger and more twinkly, but to the naked eye it will not be obvious why exactly they look so amazing.”

So how exactly is “tightlining” done? Let’s find out!


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