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This Kid’s Book Promises To Make Your Baby Sleep On Time!!

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  •  August 31, 2015


A Swedish behavioral scientist claims that his children’s book will make kids easily fall into sleep, hence giving parents a big relief.

Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin says his book is the perfect bedtime story book and every parent must possess it.

The book is called The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep: A New Way Of Getting Children To Sleep, yes you read it right. Amazingly, it is the number one bestseller on Amazon right now!


The book has just 26 pages that tells the story of a protagonist, Roger the Rabbit. Roger tries to go to sleep with the help of his mom, the Heavy-Eyed Owl, Uncle Yawn and the Sleep Snail. The writer explains that the slow-going story can calm down kids’ minds and slowing make them comfortable physically and mentally.

Read what the parents have to say about this book:

“The rabbit who wants to fall asleep is a fantastic example of hypnotic language in storytelling.”

“I am amazed! We battle sleep every night with my now 2-year-old. We got to page three and he was out!!! It really works!!!”

Kelly Glazer Baron, an assistant professor of neurology told The Huffington Post, “Having a relaxing and consistent bedtime routine is probably the most important thing for toddler/preschooler sleep. I love that this book uses words that make sense to kids to help explain how to relax and fall asleep. It’s a skill that all kids and grown-ups need to have and it doesn’t come naturally for everyone.”

So, will you get this book for your toddler? Well, you can try it, especially if you are one sleep-deprived parent!

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