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This Jaipur Home Looks Like a European Museum

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  •  April 28, 2015


Do you remember Mrs. Nirmala Rawat of Jaipur? We explored her story as a philanthropist few months back.  Today, she will take us on a ride of her beautiful home which, believe us, looks like a museum! We were enthralled seeing many amazing details that she has given to each corner of the home. Presenting her royal golden palace in her own words:

I started designing this home in 1998, and it took me 3.5 yrs to complete it. Using my own imagination and some help from books, I decided the theme of the house.

Formal Drawing Room

Italian stone marble that I bought from Delhi & Jaipur are used for flooring. DSC_0234The dining table is quite interesting…DSC_0240…a woman with long hair gracefully keeps the table glass.

DSC_0251 The vases I have kept here are all the designer pieces from the US, Italy, Germany, etc. I love collecting precious art works. This one is Capodimonte’s.DSC_0255I wanted to change the look of this American Vase, and so I got it gold-painted in Jaipur.

DSC_0246All the paintings in the room are made by local (Jaipur) artistes. I remember searching for creative art people outside the City Palace. Once I would track any, I used to explain him what kind of the design I wanted.DSC_0259 This was made by a South-Indian artists I met in Jaipur. It has a very Italian, Old World charm to it. DSC_0249This is a German clock I picked up from Europe. I love antiques!DSC_0252

Sitting Space for the Family

Inside I put a dark floral sofa to give more warmth to the room for close ones.DSC_0284I placed a small round dining table here with a painting of Maharaja & Maharani eating together. This space is exclusively for me & my husband. When the two of us are eating, we prefer sitting here. DSC_0278This is my favorite place in the house. The roof here is tinted to allow the sunlight fall inside. This area attaches the sitting area to bedrooms, kitchen and bar. Behind me you can see a hand painting of Cesar. The painting, again, is made by a local artist. When the natural light falls on it, it looks amazing!DSC_0282And finally, this rock of the amethyst stone was unearthed from one of our mines in Geneva. It makes a lovely and unique art piece. DSC_0308


I made sure this place looks royal.DSC_0331 I have collected glasses from Pakistan, America, France, Italy, Czechoslovakia, some from Maharaja of Samod’s collection, others from designers like Versace, etc.DSC_0314DSC_0316 DSC_0319The bar-counter and shelf are given an artistic take by displaying an ancient woman beer-server.DSC_0325


Each bedroom has its own space and oozes a feel of the Renaissance era.DSC_0336 DSC_0343

You can see the use of bed-curtains that helped me get the look.

DSC_0348To play with the theme, I have put partings of ‘Maharani resting in her room’. DSC_0334
A sofa in the bedroom is never a bad idea. We use it to relax while watching TV.DSC_0338Have a look at one of the bathrooms too. The painting here shows Lord Krishna hiding the clothes of Gopis during their bathing time.DSC_0340


I got made this ‘Cesar-bathing’ sculpture by an old artisan based in Jaipur. Putting it in the garden was a real task since it is very heavy. But because I wanted something like this, I didn’t give it a second thought. DSC_0351This is another brilliant art-work in the garden. Who wouldn’t love sipping evening tea here?DSC_0360DSC_0357

What a creative Jaipur woman! Have you grabbed some tips from Nirmala Rawat for Home Décor? Tell us!!

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