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Lavanya Bahuguna


This Jaipur Family Runs The Olympics To Feed Breastfeeding

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  •  August 25, 2014


Commemorating the week of Breastfeeding, in 2014, JWB geared up to spread awareness about breastfeeding, and that’s how the campaign ‘I Feed Breastfeeding’ happened. #ThrowBack

This ‘I’ is not just dedicated to the nursing mother. Rather than going the usual way, we decided to talk about how a complete family and the society can help make breastfeeding an achievement. As the name suggests, it compels every mind to think how he/she can contribute into breastfeeding!


We roped in a Jaipur-based family that welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Yagyaa, just 6 months back. Yagyaa is a super child, and we are sure that it is because of her mother’s milk that she is glowing, giggling and staying healthy always.

We want to express our gratitude to each family member who enthusiastically participated in the campaign. The photo shoot was based on the Olympics. The motto was to show that when every teammate contributes, victory is assured.

We started with the Relay game series where family members passed each other Yagyaa’s favorite teddy bear. This warm up was done to portray breastfeeding as teamwork.

Illus-9As much as the support of husband is necessary…

Illus-10 The support of in-laws plays an equal role.

So what makes Yagyaa say – ‘My daddy strongest’?

DSC_4202-copy Daddy Vishal Goel’s strong support and lots of love for wife and mother of Yagyaa is his contribution. A man who understands the importance of breastfeeding is a winner already!


This is an experienced teammate – Yagyaa’s paternal grandma.


She is the Umpire of home. Using her own experiences, she guides her daughter-in-law (a first-time mother) through the right way to breastfeed.


Even the Dadaji supports breastfeeding!


He makes sure he dodges fresh fruits into the glass of his daughter-in-law before and after she breastfeeds little Yagyaa.


Surprisingly, the young-at-heart Grand-grandparents of Yagyaa volunteered to support the game.


As much as their eyes look alike, the Nani-maa is also inculcating one of her personality traits in Yagyaa.


A shooter needs focus like no one else. Here, Yagyaa’s Nani demonstrates how important it is for a mother to remain calm and focused while nursing. Targeting to strike all the vitamins of love, she makes sure the legacy gets transferred first to her daughter & then to little Yagyaa. What a shot lady!


Everyone agreed that Yagyaa giggles the most when she enjoys her lap time with her Nana ji. He seems good at lifting up her spirits.


The main player may lose it at times, but it is the cheering that keeps the performance going. Thanks to Nanaji dearest.


Meet Neha Gupta, Yagyaa’s maternal aunty! But, what is she up to?


As the Discus-thrower, Neha portrays the many moods a new mother undergoes. Throwing plates might not be new for her, agree? Being a mother of twins, Neha gives Megha tips on emotional balancing that only a sister can provide.


From time immemorial, Mama-Bhanji has become one special relation that needs no introduction. Let’s see how Manu Jain supports his sister Megha in breastfeeding.


The brother is one of those team-mates whose jokes you just cannot ignore and would burst out laughing when you hear them. Isn’t laughing the best way to handle mood swings?


Trailblazing the Olympic flame, the main protagonist – Yagyaa’s mommy – is a hero in herself.


Megha firmly believes that breastfeeding is a must for the baby. Unlike many young mothers of modern times who prefer staying in shape and shortening the nursing period, Megha says, for now, the priority is her baby until the time she is a year old. Although, she never forgets about her own self and the precious family in this journey.


We had our ‘Aww’ moment when we saw the baby playing with Mr. Raju Tanwani – the Co-owner of Aura Thai Spa & Salon.


His perfection is in the sport close to Mother Nature. As he wins the Canoe race (the moment caught in photo), he tells us how he is serving the breastfeeding moment. At Aura, the famous Pre & Post-Natal Spa helps the feeding mothers achieve the needed mind-body balance, relieving muscular tension, spinal alignment, providing sound sleep, and realigning the tummy muscles and reducing stretch marks after delivery.


Psst! This team is shining brightly in the glory and devotion, the excitement and exhilaration. Club all of it and it becomes the right mix for the success of any family functioning. All of them are our stars. Can we have the paparazzi, please?


PS – share with us how your family and friends have supported the breastfeeding cause.

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