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This Is How Women Played Cricket Before Jerseys Were ‘Designed’ For Them

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  •  March 20, 2017


Whenever I’m out on the street playing Leg Cricket, I always think of getting a jersey designed for my team.

I’d probably want the number 21, because, duh, it’s my date of birth! But, that’s not how it always remained. The women’s cricket teams from around the world would wear different types of ‘uniforms’ during their matches.

When you scroll through the pictures, you will also realize how tough it might’ve been for the women to perform with these clothes on.

1. Women’s cricket team from Bega, Australiacover (1)

2. The Middlesex Women’s Cricket team walks on the field for the first women’s cricket match in the country at Chiswick House in England in 1934img_1

3. The first women’s match to be played at Lord’s on 4th August 1976 in Englandimg_2

4. Ladies cricket team in 1910 in Canberra, Australia: a team composed once a year to play the men img_3

5. Auckland women’s cricket team, 1935, to play the English visitorsimg_4

6. The first women’s Test cricket was played between England and Australia in 1934–35img_5

7. Rachael Heyhoe Flint batting during the second Test match between England and Australia Women’s team in 1976.

And, this is what they wear, now.img_7

Source: Scoopwhoop


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