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This Is How Parineeti Chopra Lost Her Extra Weight

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  •  September 22, 2015


Bollywood’s Parineeti Chopra was always been criticized for those extra pounds, just like her co-workers Vidya Balan and Sonakshi Sinha.

The actress has revealed how she has been working on her body and exercising regularly for several months now. Below are the excerpts from her interview with Hindustan Times talking about the journey and her ‘new-self’ :

I took some time to understand my body. Why was I putting on weight despite the fact that I am a health-conscious person? Why was I not losing weight at all? So, I consulted a doctor. I was told that I should strike off eggs and milk from my diet chart because I was allergic to them. I used to have a lot of eggs, and I had a weakness for both milk and milk products. 

I used to tell people that I was working towards shedding weight, but nobody believed me. People mistook me to be a carefree person. I used to tell everybody that I don’t want to remain fat. I was obese when I returned from London, UK; I was 86kg. It was just that the right steps had to be taken, which I am doing now.Parineeti

I started doing Kalaripayattu, a form of martial arts from Kerala. I do it every day for an hour. It has made me more flexible and stronger, and has also helped me build my stamina. I needed something that was not boring. I can’t do the usual cardio and treadmill stuff. I had done a small session of it before Ishaqzaade (2012; her debut film) and quite enjoyed it. So I returned to Kalaripayattu, and now the results are showing. But I am not even 50% of what I have set out to be. Give me five more months, and I shall surprise you further.

Five months. And mind you, I haven’t reached my desired weight yet. My body language has changed. They are loving it. After a point, it’s easy to say, “F*** it” and that “I am going to return to eating everything”. But I promise I shall maintain myself from now. Snacking in the night is also ruled out. I shall not let my hard work go down the drain.

With such determination, we’re sure, even you can achieve your target weight soon. Do you have a weight-loss story to share already? Write to us at

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