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This Indian IAS Officer Was Harassed At Many Levels, She Dealt With Them Courageously

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  •  August 5, 2015

This is shocking. An Indian IAS officer, Riju Bafna, recently shared her horrifying experience of being harassed….

…first she received many ‘indecent’ messages from Santosh Chaubey, the Ayog Mitra of the Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission. When she went to file a case against him, the concerned authorities harassed her.

Though Santosh Chaubey was removed from his job soon after the complaint, Riju is still in shock about the latter incident. In her FB post, she explained while she was giving her statement, an advocate called Lalit Sharma was standing next to her. When she asked for privacy, Lalit Sharma yelled at her saying, “How dare you suggest me to leave, I am an advocate here and you might be an officer in your office but not in the Court.” Not only this, when she told this to the Judge, he said that she was only demanding such things because she is young.


Read Riju’s post below:

Hi everyone. I am posting this message to share my experience with judiciary on a sexual harassment case filed by…

Posted by Riju Bafna on Saturday, 1 August 2015


Her words clearly mention that the woman in our country lacks access to their basic rights. We agree, the attitude of the society towards women in such cases is very disturbing.

By the way, here is the result of her outrage. Her latest FB status reads – “The District Judge Seoni is taking actions to ensure that such incidents are not repeated for those who come to seek justice in good faith. There is a lot of support from the highest levels of Madhya Pradesh government and the expressions of support and guidance I have recieved has re-ignited my confidence in the ability of the system to listen to voices and correct itself. I hope this incidence serves as a trigger to further the women friendly court procedures across the country.”

Bravo, Riju. We need more women like you.

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