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Himanshu Roy

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This Indian Aunty Has Found A New Way To Use The Cross Trainer, And It’s Awesome

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  •  December 15, 2015


If you love to pump your muscles and have a flair for working out, then you are gonna LOVE this! What Every rookie boy or girl who enter a gym, dreamy-eyed about getting a well-chiseled body like Sylvester Stallone or Angelina Jolie, often becomes the butt of jokes after some funny faux pas while working out.

It might be the bad exercise combination or even when you end up pulling up a muscle to show that how much weight you can lift on the very first day in the gym, but something invariably goes wrong, and you end up becoming laughing stock.

But what if you are utterly careless about what people say and enjoy gymming in your very own way? Well, it might be very much possible that after seeing this video of a rookie gym going aunty working on the cross bars a ‘tad bit differently’, that changes your mind that whether you care about people laughing at you or not.

Showing the middle finger to all her detractors, it appears that this lady has found a new way to stay fit. When she is on the cross bar, she uses it more like a trampoline, jumping and swaying with full energy.

What more? Ever since someone uploaded it on the Facebook, it has gone viral and has gathered over 2 million views, with people heaving on praises for this woman, who can surely be said to be an ‘innovator’ when it comes to fitness.

And the best part is that from the video it is pretty much evident that the lady is enjoying herself, completely okay with the fact that with her every move, she is breaking at least a hundred rules of working out.

Now, here is someone who is freewheeling to the core. A woman, who is completely confident about doing (though not correctly) something irrespective of what people think about her.

You go girl!

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