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This ‘Hipster Barbie’ Shows-off A Fabulous Life She Is Living. Hating much?

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  •  September 10, 2015


All of us are guilty of stalking those people on the internet who are living a little more luxurious life than us. Not to mention, we end up feeling even more dull.

One such page, dear stalkers, if of ‘Socality Barbie’ that posts the pictures of Barbie doll enjoying her vie de luxe. Have a look:


Vogue reported that this account was created to poke fun “at all those insufferable people on your feed who can’t help but post a highly stylized shot of their artfully foamed cappuccino.”

By the way, she is also known by the name ‘Hipster Barbie’, credit goes to her hippie-deluxe lifestyle.

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