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This Heartwarming Story Posted By Humans Of Bombay Will Make You Believe In The Power Of Love

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  •  February 11, 2019

“I met Ed at a bar–when he approached me, I made a dirty joke which surprised him! He was leaving for Africa, but his flight was delayed by 24 hours so he asked me out to dinner & something about him just felt right, so I said yes!”

It is difficult to define, measure, and understand love, but when you choose to love another person unconditionally, without judgment, and regardless of what’s in it for you, there begins a fairy tale. Nothing is more satisfying than being accepted for who you are and loving someone who wants to embark on a journey with you without any conditions attached to it, making it the most exhilarating experience ever. In a recent post by Humans of Bombay, we came across exactly such a love story that we couldn’t help but share, to rekindle the feeling of love this Valentine’s Day.

Humans of Bombay

“The dinner wasn’t awkward at all–it was nice to have someone so invested in me. I was someone who was always focused on my career. Coming from a small town, it was a shock to my family that I wasn’t interested in marriage even though I was 42. I was happy being single, becoming a successful doctor & businesswoman.

When Ed left, we kept in touch. He asked about my day, work & whether I ate… considering I was an older sister, I was never actually cared for in the way he took care of me. It felt nice.
After he came back, we started seeing each other & within 2 months, we decided to move-in. I fell for his classy personality & he, for my honesty. My choices met with a lot of backlash. They asked me ‘Didn’t you find anyone younger?’ or ‘Why are you with someone who’s divorced?’ What could I say to them? Ed was a foreigner from Holland. He was 26 years older than me- a divorced father of 3 beautiful girls… but how did any of that matter? I loved him for who he was & he loved me for me. There were no judgments between us… no taboos.

People in my family weren’t happy about our relationship when I took Ed home, but they saw how happy he made me, so they accepted him with open arms. We had the same values… we didn’t want kids, we didn’t see the ‘need’ to get married, but eventually we did only to make everything easier legally. On my wedding day, my mother yelled at me because I was going to wear jeans & a T-shirt to court. I didn’t even have a ring; I actually bought one from Archies last minute! That’s how we got married-with Rs. 100 rings in court. It was my dream wedding!
And now, we’re traveling, spending time with both our families & building our lives together. So the next time you think love has any kind of timeline…think about us.

I found him when I was 42- a man 26 years older than me from Holland, but it’s like we’ve been in love all our lives & every force in the Universe came together to unite us.”

H/T: Humans of Bombay 

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