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Jayati Godhawat

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This Girl Aptly Compiles Body-Shaming Of Women In A Book

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  •  May 17, 2016


Kritika Trehan, a Bengaluru-based artist, had to submit her final project and the subject Naomi Wolf’s book on feminism and the beauty industry, The Beauty Myth.

And so, the 22-year-old artist compiled a book of collages on how women had been body-shamed since ages.

In an interview, she said,

“Everyone has had enough of people shaming them for their appearances.”

She was appalled to see that all magazines, catalogues, etc., were dedicated to only one “standard” type of women which are tall and skinny.

And, so she named her book EXCESS to highlight the perpetuity of fat and skinny shaming.



“The reason I decided to use collages as a medium to tell the stories was because body-shaming has been all about asking people to alter their bodies,” she added.edit-wide-2647-1462978671-2


While reading the book, I have realized that the worst inputs come from the things we see around us.”






“I saw that women have been compared to fruits and vegetables, and it was beyond exciting for me to talk about how strange that seems to me.”



I think Kritika’s portrayal is spot-on and rightly addresses the issue of body-shaming and body-negativity.

You can see her entire book here.

BTW, did you know, JWB’s Fatasstic Chick is also fighting against the same issues to encourage body-positivity? Check out her work here.

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