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This Father Got Photographed With His Daughter’s Boyfriend. The Reason Will Leave You In Splits.

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  •  December 8, 2015


Sharee Schock, a professional photographer from Wisconsin, photographed her daughter and her boyfriend before their homecoming dance few months back.
The girl’s father was also present there, and seeing them getting photographed intimately, he told the boyfriend, “Whatever you do to my daughter I will do to you.” This simple sentence led to something that’s tickling our funny bone.

Once he saw the boy’s wrap his arms around his daughter’s stomach, he felt it was his turn! He then jumped in behind the boy, wrapped his arms around him, and smiled.



Sharee didn’t waste a second and captured this funny moment quickly. She says, “Right after I got the shot, my husband walked right over and put his arms around the boyfriend’s waist and looked right at me. Her boyfriend thought it was hilarious and he smiled and I just quickly captured it. The picture was immediately was shared by all of our friends and family on social media. My husband and I’s phone would just not stop. Every few seconds it was going up in numbers. I would say it went viral in a few days.”

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