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This Emotional Husband Made a Cartoon Strip on His Delivering Wife & It’s Beautiful.

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  •  June 13, 2015


Illustrator Chris Grady is a happy and proud daddy. But more than that, he is a proud husband. When his daughter was born, he realized one beautiful truth about motherhood. Seeing the strength and beauty of his wife, her decided to draw a small comic strip to pay her tribute.
The comic is named ‘Her’. Aww.

Have a look at it:o-LUNARBABOON-570
He says: “I felt really inspired by her (and all mothers) and how many challenges she overcame during the whole process of being pregnant and giving birth. People always look at the new baby and say things like, ‘she’s so beautiful, so strong, etc. But the baby has done nothing to deserve these compliments. The mom has done everything. I wanted to honor that with this comic.”

Thank you, dear daddy, for these beautiful words.

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