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This Dove Video Celebrates Your True Beauty, Without Changing That One Thing!

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  •  October 1, 2015


“I wish I was taller! I wish I was shorter! I wish I was thinner! I wish I had blue eyes!”

So what exactly is your idea of being beautiful?

Dove has the answer for this question, and I guess the answer is no matter what , You are Beautiful!

Yes you heard it right! Remember about that James Blunt song in which he croons, You are Beautiful and it’s true for a woman whom he meets at a subway?

Apparently this is what you understand after watching a one and a half minute video released by Dove called Dove-Change one thing.

In the video some of the girls say that they want to have curly hair, or some say they want short hair. Some want be taller, and some want to be shorter, because they feel that they are too ‘lanky’.

It does make sense, isn’t it? All their wants contradict each other and it seems that everyone wants to change something about their appearances. But this is where the video speaks about self esteem and how every girl is beautiful.

Much like that old saying, ‘First love yourself, and only then you can love others,’ only a very small percentage of women in the world are confident enough to call themselves beautiful.

These girls are completely honest. One even wishes that she had freckles, which is generally not wanted by everyone.

So girls out there are you listening? Isn’t it much better to rightly believe that you are beautiful the way you are? No wonder the video has gone viral over the internet because of the fact that it celebrates beauty by reminding about how every person is beautiful.

Well, so next time when you girls out there might feel a bit sad and might think that the girl beside you have better skin, lighter eyes and look better than you, spare a thought or two for these kiddos, who unknowingly makes you believe once again that

“You are beautiful, and it’s true!”

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