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Lavanya Bahuguna


This Diwali, 23 Y.O. Lavvanya Is Building Herself An Emergency Fund. Steal Some Tips From Her!

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  •  October 14, 2017


To celebrate Diwali this year, IWB thought it would be nice to hear stories of working women who are on their way to attain financial independence. If you are seeking a professional guidance on managing your money in a better way and becoming the Lakshmi of your life, our campaign Lakshmi’s Money Diary might just help you!

We asked 5 Indian women to maintain a journal and record their everyday expenses for a week. After 7 days, our Finance Expert Priyanka Bhatia, co-founder Women on Wealth & WOW Money Gym, will study their spending habits and saving rituals. Priyanka will help these women become financially self-sufficient and how they can fix the problem.

But before we get to the counseling part, let’s introduce you to these working women who’re a part of our campaign.

Lavvanya Iyer, Corporate Communications Executive at an event company in Mumbai

Age:  23

Salary:  Rs. 36,000/- per month

Industry: Entertainment/Events

Mobile expenditure: Rs. 2,000/- per month

Transportation/Fuel: Rs. 4720/- per month

Loans: Done and dusted

Dietician: Rs. 4,900/- per week

Miscellaneous: Rs. 10-12,000/- per month

What makes the life of single person difficult in Mumbai?

Finding a home and then paying the monthly rent. Phew. Thankfully, I don’t have to go through this trauma as I stay at my uncle’s vacant flat and are only supposed to take care of the electricity and wifi bills.

Does that mean you’re able to save a handsome amount every month?

Hah! I believe in the concept of YOLO (You live only once) and absolutely enjoy splurging. And so, I hope to receive some quality guidance from Priyanka, my finance expert for a week.

Have you ever tried following any money-management strategy in the past?

My elders taught me to Save & then Spend. No matter how much I try, I end up doing the opposite – Spend & Save, which is not a case most of the times. On a serious note, I sometimes ask my friends to keep some amount from my salary with them so I have no means to utilize it. They’re quite strict, I must say.

Where do you spend the most?

I love catching up with friends and eating out. Food is life!


I know, right? Also, I absolutely love watching movies which are a grand affair these days. TBH, I’m overspending on my leisure.

Do you take financial help from your parents?

At times.

Any goals?

With this campaign, I aim to learn about Mutual Funds. Since I’ve no loans to pay, I think a little shift in my habits can help me start with the investment process. I’m positive.

Keep an eye on the page to know what plan our Finance Expert has to propose to Lavvanya! Meanwhile, read the stories of other participants Kruti Jhaveri, Yashita RatraAnita D’souza.

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