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Himanshu Roy

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This Couple Got Their Wedding Video Made By a DOG!

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  •  November 28, 2015


A love-struck couple who has decided to take the plunge after 10 years of dating and who do you think is their choice for the videographer in their wedding? None other than their 2 year old pet Siberian husky dog called Ryder.

It is their furry friend Ryder, who the couple thought would be the best person to capture the moments as they stand in the ice covered peaks of Roan Mountain outside Tennessee, taking their marriage vows.5653b19c1b0000270029e75b

It all started when Josh and Addie Burnette finally decided to marry and with just three days notice, they had to work upon all the arrangements extremely fast.

So it was Josh, who is a film director and editor, came up with this idea of making Ryder, whom they had adopted after a year of dating to be their videographer for the wedding.

The result? A GoPro camera attached to Ryder and as the Doggie ran across the snow, playfully around them, there were recorded the deeply personal moments that the couple would cherish for the rest of their lives. In the video the couple could be seen embracing and holding hands, with the picturesque landscape forming a very apt background.5653b19c1b0000270029e75a

What more? From the energy and antiques of Ryder, who is running across the snow, it appears that the canine is having the time of its life at the wedding of the couple.

The couple says that Ryder is like a child to them and their wedding became far more happening because of Ryder’s presence. They even got lucky to have an entire snow covered mountain for their marriage ceremony.

Later, Josh edited the footage. This one of a kind wedding footage has gone viral on YouTube, after the couple uploaded it on the website on the occasion of their one year wedding anniversary.

Have a look:

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