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Himanshu Roy

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This Cool Kid’s Inappropriate Santa Drawing Will Leave You In Splits

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  •  December 9, 2015


So what comes to your mind when you hear the word Santa Claus? Oh yeah, the cap, eons of gifts, old socks and of course his Ho Ho Ho! But can you guess that what this 8-year-old son of UK mom Elletia Thomas ‘pictured’ Santa with? It’s a Dick.

In the language of Chandler Bing, he drew Santa with his ‘brains’. Yup, along with all the Christmas goodies the painting on which Merry Christmas is scribbled in adorable handwriting, Santa is seen standing near a Christmas tree, ‘flaunting’ his massive penis!

So what was the reaction of his mommy Elletia upon seeing it?

“‘Oh my god, he’s drawn a massive penis!” that is what she thought.

After a good laugh, she uploaded this drawing on Facebook and in her blog called ‘The Unmumsy Mum’.

They also had a tough time trying to pull off a straight face in front of the kids, trying not to laugh.

What happened next? Over 15k Facebook likes and scores of other parents starting to pour in.

From the picture of the hat of Santa that looks less like a hat and more like his ‘thing’ to a child Jesus sleeping in a crib that is also a rocket, these drawings are the perfect examples of the blend of childish innocence and imagination.

And if you think that it was only drawings, then you will have to think again at the sight of an actual Christmas tree with an artwork of a fish as the topper instead of bells or the usual decorations.

Some also traded the traditional sledge that Santa uses with the ‘Ho Mobile’ high-tech vehicle ready to transport the man of the moment and his elves.

And the people who had the most fun out of it were the parents, who had a gala time ‘comparing notes’ with each other.

Elletia was overwhelmed by so many people appreciating the funny drawing and said that it is so good to see all the parents coming together and sharing their experiences about artworks created by their little ones.

What more? She also bought a mug featuring the design of the drawing and said that she will cherish it forever.

Well, it does seem that right now the world is in dire need of more such cool kids and parents!

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