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This Burial Method Makes You A Tree After You Die

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  •  September 8, 2015


The past 5 decades have witnessed immense progress in every sector… be it technology or be it communication mechanisms, be it infrastructure or be it transportation systems.

Take for example the latter. Today, there are interesting means available not only for your day to day commute, but also for your one-way trip from this life to the next, or to heaven, well.

Yep! You heard that right. There is a new unconventional way that originated in Italy and was created by designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, which provides an interesting alternative to the regular funeral processes.cover_byebye

As per this new ‘burial-method’, the dead are encapsulated in organic pods. This biodegradable sheath encompassing the body of the bygone person, transforms it into a tree! Surprised much?coffin

I’m sure you are. Gotten your wide-eyed attention now, I have. Haven’t I? Scroll down my friends.

Step 1: The deceased is put in a fetal position inside the organic capsule and buried with either a tree or a seed planted right above the capsule.

e3227858-61f9-4919-8096-977b297fa791.crop_1010x933_0104.preview.quality_lighter.inline_yes-OptimizedStep 2: The capsule is planted in the soil. Because this capsule is made out of starch plastic, which is 100% biodegradable, it allows natural decomposition of the body into minerals.


Step 3: Watch the ‘tree’ grow! Because the near and dear ones of the deceased will now have a tree to visit, rather than a tombstone!


Step 3: Watch the ‘tree’ grow! The rich supply of nutrients from the now decomposing body will feed the tree/seed. Hence presenting, Memory Trees!

The near and dear ones of the deceased will now have a tree to visit, rather than a tombstone! If everyone followed this, imagine how many Memory forests would develop instead of cemetries.



Other than burial, burning the body of the deceased is a common practice. Burning undoubtedly leads to a lot of air pollution. On the other hand, this Organic pod burial method produces a cleaner and greener environment. Another way to see it would be that we humans create a lot of pollution during our lifetime. How nice it would be to be able to contribute in reducing it, even after we are gone.




I can imagine how awesome the funerals of this sort would be! Let us picturize it for you:biodegradable-burial-pod-memory-forest-capsula-mundi-4-Optimized

Here’s a video guide:

Oh, oh! And by the way, for the fussy and choosy ones like me out there, we also get to choose what tree we want to be converted into. I’m so gonna be a banyan tree and stay on this earth for what seems forever!

Tell me which tree you wish to be turned into?

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