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This Bra-Panty Set Asks You A Question

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  •  August 31, 2015


The question is ‘Why Are You So Afraid Of Your Own Anatomy?’

After people, it’s now women underwear all set to go feminist. This bra-panty set has female anatomy printed on it, with arrows pointing out to specific parts. No, there are no heart prints or sexy lace motifs on it. Just prints of organs.

Thinking why?anatomy (1)

Women aren’t always comfortable discussing their private parts, unlike most of the men. While men easily use words like penis, etc; we women think it’s shameful to talk or even speak words like nipples, vagina, ovaries, etc.

18-year-old British student Eleanor Haswell aims to change this practice among women, at that, wants to create awareness about body shaming. She says that women shouldn’t be ashamed of their body parts, body shape and size. And they should be free to talk about their private parts, just like any body part!anatomy (2)

Eleanor has created only one such set, which is not for sale, and the project is called ‘Why Are You So Afraid Of Your Own Anatomy?’anatomy (3)

Eleanor says, “There’s been a lot of people requesting for me to sell them, but my intentions weren’t to market the underwear. I’m pleased that they have received this much attention. I have tried to use current issues within my work to address the problems in society. I chose body shaming as there are so many comments constantly being made about women who choose to have body hair, branding it as unnatural and disgusting.”

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