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This Androgynous Model Photoshops Her Images With Other Models’ Faces. Read Why!

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  •  December 15, 2015


The androgynous model Rain Dove has a mission of her own. She wants to encourage lingerie companies to stray from the “top of the top” representations of the “perfect human”.

She recently did a shoot wherein she posed like models from the Victoria’s Secret Christmas catalogue and subsequently photoshopped the heads of the company’s models onto her body.

She told the HuffPost, “A lot of people feel like I would be a good parts model from [the neck] down. I got the double DD’s, the height … and I didn’t know it was going to do so well. Like I said, it ended up speaking to a lot more people that I had thought. And a lot of people said that for them they felt like they could identify with the fact that they just buy these things and they look in the mirror, and they feel like they don’t look like that person in the catalogue and that they feel like a kind of watered down version of pretty and that’s something I’ve faced in my entire life.” g ll ll; Her point is clear – nobody can define a woman’s body. The body can have any shape and size, can look masculine and still be alright. Rain Dove has herself faced rejection in the industry because of having manly facial features.


She says, “My goal is to encourage Victoria’s Secret and show them that they’re not just a brand, they’re a movement. They’re a power. They have the ability to inspire young people all across the country, people from all age ranges really, to wake up every morning and feel good about purchasing Victoria’s Secret products.”

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