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This Amazing Photo Series Is Breaking Many Beauty Stereotypes Regarding Asian Women

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  •  August 12, 2017


What comes to your mind when I say ‘Asian woman?’ A petite, submissive figure? An object of sexual salvation? It is high time that such stereotypes are burned to the ground, and luckily someone has taken it upon themselves to make it come true.

London-based Photographer Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee is against the common notion of objectifying women, especially Asian women. “When one thinks of Asian women it is hard not to associate them with sex and sexuality. However, this isn’t to say that it is wrong to think of Asian women as attractive beings, but rather to rethink their lack of agency on their own bodies.”

XING, an empowering photo book, features Asian Women exploring the nuances of female identity and this 23-year old photographer is the one behind this applaud-worthy initiative.

Asian women

Collaborating with artists such as Vivian Fu, Clara Lee, Ronan Mckenzie, she wants to destroy baseless opinions which call a woman an object that can be molded or claimed at the hands of her beholder. 

Asian women

“Too often, Asian women exist in polarizing archetypes – the subservient housewife, the tea-serving geisha, the dragon lady, the ingenue schoolgirl. Considering the state of where our world is today, there could not have been a better time to address misconceptions of lesser-known cultures and racial groups.” 

A woman with such revolutionary thoughts is sure to shift the narrow-minded perceptions.

Asian women

A female can be amorous yet dangerous, seductive yet blasé, something which the empowering photos in this album perfectly signify. One connects on a rather personal level to this rare representation of unadulterated female sexuality at it epic heights.

Asian women

A woman needs to identify with her sexuality, and no one, mind it, NO ONE should stand to own her body or objectify her in any way. Using mimicry to subvert the stereotypes imposed on Asian women and their bodies, these pictures put forth women exploring their ‘identity.’

Asian women

XING explores an aspect of identity in this demographic, where its young adult subjects project modernity, empowerment, and subversiveness. Through their actions and thought, the book focuses on how their identities have been informed by globalization and fourth wave feminism,”  Lee said.

We hope that this vivid mural of female youth and identity and the kind of lives they lead is able to bring the much-needed change in the fixed mindsets of people, for a woman’s identity has many layers which thrive on her rightful freedom.

Article source- HuffingtonPost

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