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This 104-Year-Old Granny Is Spreading Her ‘Yarn-Graffiti’ In The Town

  • IWB Post
  •  September 28, 2015


This 104-year-old great-grandmother, Grace Brett, is part of a group of “yarn stormers” where people like her are putting their art of knitting and crocheting in the streets!

Grace told a newspaper, “I liked seeing my work showing with everyone else’s and thought the town looked lovely. I thought it was a really good idea to decorate the town and enjoyed having my crochet included.”56055de81c00007800bfb9ad

This is awesome. We are inspired by your energy & spirit, granny!

Grace has been knitting since her teenage days. We are glad to see her being equally enthusiast about the initiative involving others much younger than her.

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