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Think this way to deal with Mommy’s Guilt

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  •  April 21, 2015

It is Tuesday. It is still Tuesday! And the weekend is faraway. For a working mommy it is measured as millions of light years. And the guilt leaps onto a poor working mommy with all the cuteness of the two little teeth from the photo frame. Is it your story?Today morning we have come across this funny advice of one  mom of two sweet girls who switches her attitude from ‘guilty’ to ‘happily working’ with this convincing reasoning.

1. I won’t have to wipe butts for 40+ hours this week.
Hopefully. I mean, I don’t know what kind of work environment you are in, but if you are in a typical office, I would not think that is on your list.

2. My bosses do not draw with markers on their bodies or the wall.
This is great news for many reasons, but mainly because it means that I will not be asked to scrub faces, arms or walls to remove marker for the majority of the week.

3. I get to eat lunch in peace and quiet for five straight days.
Or, even more fun, in the company of other adults with adult conversation.

4. My co-workers do not run around the office screaming and stabbing my head as they try to crown me as a princess. 
This happens 10+ times a day during the weekend. It is fun, but my head (and ears) need to recoup.

5. I am not treated like a human jungle gym when I meet with prospective clients.
A simple handshake does it, which is refreshing. My bruising caused by the weekend is practically is gone by Friday, just in time to do it all over again.

Tell us what strategy you apply to survive working week and cope with working mommy’s guilt.

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