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These Women Have Written A Love-letter To Selfies!

  • IWB Post
  •  December 4, 2015


According to various psychological studies, the people who take too many selfies are insecure and don’t believe in their inner beauty. For them, the consent of the world outside them is more important.

However, this habit also has a bright side. This poem called ‘Ode to the Selfie’ by Megan Falley and Olivia Gatwood tells you exactly why it is not that awkward to be a selfie-freak. According to them, it is indeed an exquisitely empowering act.

“If you think it’s cool or edgy to hate selfies, it’s not cool, it just means you’re uneasy about the fact that girls believe they are beautiful” – says the poem.

Together, these two feminists describe that by sharing selfies with the world, women share their inside features.

They sing, “Today your hair was a river down your back. Today your freckles were sprinkles on ice cream. Today your iPhone was the Louvre and you were the Mona Lisa.”

They told HuffPost, “Today you are in control of your own incredible body. Today millions of girls loved themselves in the face of a world that tells them not to. And isn’t that tiny revolution enough? And isn’t that the greatest revolution of all?”

Listen to their Selfie-poem here:

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