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These Stories Of Women Dealing With Challenges Of Motherhood Will Seal Your Broken Heart

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  •  May 16, 2018

Motherhood is a long journey that is met with happiness, hurdles, heartbreaks, and loss. Frames of Hope is aiming to capture the realness, the rawness, the reality of the journey by documenting real mothers’ journey. 

We are so often surrounded by advertising, images and curated social feeds that portray ‘picture perfect’ motherhood without the real, raw stories that are often entangled throughout these motherhood journeys,says Frames of Hope founder Bec Zacher.

Ben states, I started Frames of Hope so I could shed light on these stories and celebrate women and all that we go through on this journey. I get so many emails and messages from women who have a story to share but who often feel isolated and alone and I really want to help connect us more through our stories of perseverance and hope!

Their Instagram page is filled with the stories documenting real experiences from mothers and we’ve picked five of them for you.

Story of Lexie: ‘’I had lost myself. We lost a baby, then my daughter told me that my step son was abusing her, I almost lost my husband because of this, then my baby sister died. Those combinations along with some other tragedy caused me to check out. I wasn’t myself and I was on auto pilot. Things just got worse when we moved across the country and my son almost died from respiratory issues. The Lord spared him to which I am grateful. Then at 12 weeks pregnant, I lost another baby. My world was crushed. Somewhere along the road, I wasn’t me anymore, I wasn’t anybody. I was this miserable shell merely existing. I don’t know when but I woke up and became me again. I’m living outside of my comfort zone. I’m just enjoying my children and husband. I WOKE UP! I live in EVERY moment, not the next… I hadn’t sang or played in 2 years but I picked it back up and I SANG. And it felt so good. Here I am today, I’ve got my joy back. I’m teaching my soon to be 8 year old to shoot. She’s a damn natural. She took this of me.’’


Story of Brittany: Mother’s Day hasn’t always been the best day for me personally- stuck in this weird middle ground of not having a mum & not yet being one despite my every effort. For my entire life, motherhood has felt like a vast, impossible terrain I dare not tread upon. But over the past few years watching my aunties (who have stepped up to the role of my mother) and the beautiful mama friends I have around me, gracefully traverse this ground, I feel as if for the first time I have what I needed all along. There’s more than one way to love in this world and no one family or community owns the correct way. This community of women have taught or retaught, me how to be a mother, that mothers are made on the journey, and that every journey is different. This bubba inside of me deserved that- I wonder if that’s what the wait was all about.’’


Story of Tylar: ‘’There are no words that can possibly describe the heartbreak, sadness, pain, and disappointment that I felt at that last moment when all my hopefulness was shattered again the third time I miscarried. I was on a vicious rollercoaster and it was burning me up! … After a few years all my doubts about ever carrying a baby full term were blown away and I carried my fourth beautiful miracle through to 9 months! My angel Oziah is the strongest, healthiest, most beautiful, precious, amazing little man and I get to treasure every second of the day and appreciate what a miracle he truly is!’’


Corinne Paddison’s story: ”In 2008 I had a odd pain in the stomach that didn’t go away for 2 weeks even after I removed certain foods from my diet & was on painkillers – which is not like me. I went to emergency when it got too bad for me to bear & after scans/tests not showing anything I was operated on one evening. The next day I was told a growth was taken from my intestines along with several lymph nodes either side of it & my appendix. The week later I got a phone call from the surgeon telling me it was Diffused B Cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma – a type of cancer. I would need to contact another specialist urgently & would need chemotherapy.

After my recovery from the operation as I had not had children & chemotherapy can cause infertility, I saw an IVF specialist with only 1 cycle to freeze my eggs. So I had 28 eggs frozen for later if I needed them – during this process I was very sick from all the hormones! Then chemotherapy began – which I don’t remember a lot of… I went into automatic pilot, knowing I either needed to be at work, hospital or other specialist appointments. I pushed my family away also – not wishing for them to suffer like I was or see me go through it. I lost my hair exactly 2 weeks after my first chemo session, which was the hardest part of it all. I phoned my hairdresser & she came to my house to shave it all off and then I wore head scarves or a wig. I finished my chemo the week before Christmas & in February the next year I was cancer free. The good part about my journey is that I didn’t know I had cancer until it was taken in my operation. I remain cancer free to this day! It was such a hard time in my life & taught me that I am stronger than I know & I feel like it was a lesson I needed to learn. I now cherish all the people in my life so much more & I’m so grateful that it showed me an inner strength I didn’t know I had. When I look at photos of my family now, I’m so thankful that I’m here to experience it all & I am eternally grateful that I get to experience pregnancy & motherhood.”


Lauren and Andy’s story: “Seven years ago, this couple didn’t have these boys on their lap, they had just welcomed twin girls. What was meant to be an incredible new season of life, turned into an experience that was totally heartbreaking and one they never imagined facing. They sit here today so much stronger and full of love for their two boys who never had a chance to meet their older sisters. Today is Ava and Ella’s 7th birthday and in honour of their memory and the six days they spent earth side, I have put together the story of their family in the hope to shed more light on infant loss and encourage and support others who have walked the same path. That Friday the 29th of April we said our final goodbye to our daughters and released 12 beautiful butterflies, six each for each day they were earth side with us. While we were releasing the butterflies a beautiful double rainbow appeared behind us. At this moment Andrew and I turned to each other and we knew our girls were at peace, safe and together forever. In the months that followed, I had plenty of dark moments and lots and lots of questions about why this had happened but the best thing I did was to talk about the girls. I talked to everyone that would listen about what we had just experienced and I just kept talking. For me, being able to express my feelings and also tell my story was the best medicine.’’


Stories from Frames of Hope

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