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These images by Getty Images redefine fatherhood

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  •  June 16, 2015


If a picture is worth one thousand words, then you should prepare yourself for this adorable post on modern fatherhood. Enjoy.

Meet the modern day daddy who is now trying to manage work, family and household duties. (Moms, try not to roll your eyes!)

Dads today are trading the briefcase for the diaper bag. Their after-work drinks have been replaced with the juice boxes of kids. If you see a dad today, waving his wife off to work, with a baby on his hip and a toddler at his feet, do not get surprised. This is the change in roles we are talking about.


Getty Images‘ partnered with Sheryl Sandberg’s is redefining the representation of fatherhood this father’s day through its new collection.

With keywords like Lean In Together, modern dad, stay-at-home dad and dad changing diaper, these images have become very popular on internet. The main motive of Getty images’ behind these images was to break the gender stereotypes and clichés.


We often think of the mother’s love in colorful, warm, and tender terms; but we are limiting the father’s world to a cricket field or sofa. These images of daddies also illustrate what life is really like for fathers all over the world.

We hope this Father’s Day, this campaign will bring to the heart loving words: “Thanks, Dad,” and “I love you.”

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