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These People Broke Barriers & Emerged As The LGBT Role Models In 2016

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  •  December 23, 2016


Coming out and owning it never looked so good ever before.

This year, i.e., 2016 has been one of the most progressive years in terms of gender-inclusivity and LGBT rights. And, there have been many Indians who came out of the closet and owned their identity like never before.

Each of them not only created awareness of their community but also became role models for the society.

Here are some of the people who bravely took one giant leap this year and shared their groundbreaking journey with JWB:

Anwesh Sahoo, Mr. Gay India 2016

Though Anwesh came out of the closet long before, he set another benchmark by winning Mr. Gay India 2016. He is also raising awareness about the community by sharing with the world the happy side of being gay through his blog.

“Sexuality is such a big deal in our country that we’re even afraid to spell it. I conduct workshops, do online campaigns using the hashtag #FittingOut to spread the message. The future generations must know we’ve got a third gender. That LGBTQ is a thing. Also, I write for a couple of parenting websites talking about how parents can start a conversation with their children about gender education. This includes everything like not generalizing colors and toys based on gender and redefining the term ‘Normal’. For God’s sake, we aren’t abnormal!”

You can read the entire interview here.

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, Transgender Rights Activist

A Transgender Rights Activist, Laxmi’s biography, Me Hijra Me Laxmi, was one of the bestsellers of 2016.


“Prostitution helps most of us to earn around Rs. 30,000/month and a sewing machine can make us only Rs. 10,000. How do you expect us to cut down our home expenses to this level? At least, try to get us to the similar level by providing facilities we are entitled to. Let us study in good schools without facing any discrimination and make strict laws for every company to employ transgender people.”

Click here to read the full interview.

“First of all, why Hindu Mythology? If Jesus can exist so can my Ram and Krishna. If you say Hindu mythology, then Biblical mythology should exist too. All religion has accepted our form, in Hindu religion, we are placed on the highest pedestal. Government’s effort through section 377 may have issues but still it has given us acceptance. But I feel when the education system in India will improve, only then people will realize that we are as normal as anyone else. The society has to stop throwing us out of our houses and stop neglecting our existence.”

You can read the full story here.

Himanshu Singh, Business Analyst/Photographer/ Writer

The 28-year-old Mumbai-based Himanshu Singh came out of the closet through an open letter on Facebook.

LGBT India

“It was incredibly suffocating! I was bombarded with questions like ‘who’s your girlfriend,’ ‘when are you getting married?’ Claustrophobic is the word.”

Click here to read the full interview. 

Khwaish Parihar, Actress & Model

Born as a boy, Khwaish always knew she had a soul of a girl. Khwaish Parihar struggled for years to gain her true identity and finally underwent surgery for sex-change.


“Zindagi bahut choti hai, isko Khul ke Jiyo. And to the parents and society, I would like to say that please understand that every person is different. Don’t mock them or tease them for their uniqueness. Embrace and support them.”

Click here to read the full interview.

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