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Lavanya Bahuguna


These Pakistani Drawings are Disturbing But Meaningful

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  •  June 15, 2015

Hamida Khatri from Pakistan is a talented artist. Her recent work that shows nude women has a message to spread. But this isn’t taken in a good light by her family and the media there. Her art is called haram in Islam.

I agree, the pictures look disturbing but they all have been derived from her life and are inspired by the incidents that might have shaped her childhood.

Her tall graphite drawings focus (too much) on breasts, but all for a good reason. With a hint of humor, Hamida says she has taken inspiration from her own nude-self. And she isn’t sorry about it. Good.hamida-3_1434007915

She says: “My interpretation of the Quran is different. Nowhere does it say that I cannot draw nude forms.”

Telling about her upbringing, Hamida remarks: “Don’t go out alone, don’t walk on the streets, don’t play with the boys, stop riding the cycle when you have your periods…there are so many things imposed on a girl. (So) I would draw all the time to express my angst. That feeling of over protectiveness stifled me in many ways.”hamida-khatri-inside-story_1434007892

In her college, Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture in Karachi, her work was placed in a separate room with restricted entry and a warning outside saying “works are upsetting”.

While some appreciated her intelligence, others shrugged off the idea. Pakistan media hasn’t even published it saying it’s too bold for them.

Hamida wants to bring a change in the society in her own way. She says – “Some of my works are representative of the comical aspect of feminism. I take the torso of a woman and transform the breasts into eyes, the belly button into a mouth and form a new face of womanhood.”hamida-inside-story_1434007867

Are you offended by her work and this article on Jaipur Women Blog? Like Hamida, even I want to say looking at the drawn nipples, “What is offensive in it?”

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