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These Mother’s Day Ads Express Feelings Beyond Love

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  •  April 29, 2015


Our favorite greeting cards company – Hallmark – has made some amazing ads towards Mother’s Day this year. The brand asked some people to describe the love and gratitude they feel for their moms. They were asked to describe how much they love their moms without using the phrases “I love you” and “thank you.” Interesting part is, all the participants were unaware that their moms are listening to what they had to say!

One of the daughters said – “I feel like with her actions every day she teaches me what it means to love someone.”

Another said – “…but if there were soulmates I know she’s my soulmate. I’ve never yet met somebody that I connect with and love and care about and think about more than my mom.”

*Teary eyes*

Check out few videos here:

It must be really enthralling for each mother to know what their kids feel about them. Right?

As one of the mothers in the video expressed – “I think that most moms — rarely do we know the impact we’ve made on our children.”

See more such ads by Hallmark here.

with this article, Team JWB is sending lots of love to every mother! xoxo

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