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These Modern Indian Pre-nuptial Agreements Will Surprise You!

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  •  November 7, 2015


Pre-nuptial agreements can be strange too. Modern Indian couples these days are signing contracts with conditions that may surprise you:

TV fights: One husband explains, “No, we don’t fight over soccer games, since I’m not a sports fan. However, we have agreed on a pact that allows her to watch her choice of content on the TV during weekdays, while the TV is all mine on weekends. Since, she is back home early from work while I enter home only after 11 pm, hence it quite works in our favour. Of course we make some exceptions once in a while, to avoid fights, but we usually stick to the pattern.” TV timings: Wife- 9 am to 7.30 pm, Husband-7.30 pm onwards

Outings/shopping: During sales, both the husband and wife sign on shopping separately, as it means saving time on asking how every garment looks. The couples sign to go grocery shopping together; if ever one of them fails to join, then the other cannot accuse him/her of not buying things important to them.

Sharing household responsibilities: The maid will cook only five days a week. Wife will cook only on Sundays. Putting the clothes to dry will be done alternate wash basis. If the dog dirties the house, husband will make sure he cleans it, since he has brought him home.

Sex: A husband says, “The clause says we’ll have sex at least thrice a week. We will also experiment and try new things to spice up our sex life.” Other conditions include – Sex only on weekends and the night before a holiday. Wife will never kiss the husband if he smells of alcohol or cigarette.

Do you know of any weird pre-nup condition? Let us know in the comments below!

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