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These Indian Sibling Duos’ Achievements Will Blow Your Mind!

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  •  August 13, 2015


This morning I read about an Indian-American chap, Tanishq Abraham, who has graduated at the age of 11. Oh wait! I missed something here out of envy; the kid has graduated from American River College, United States, with three degrees: in math, science and foreign language studies.

Want to drown in self-pity? Wait till you hear more.

His 9-year old sister, Tiara, is no less than him. She too, like her brother, joined the American River College at the mere age of 7 and very recently has become the youngest member ever to have been inducted into this international college’s honor society, Phi Theta Kappa. While science is the elder brother’s forte, the little sister rejoices studying math, vocals, and foreign languages. She is also a soprano singer who performs as a soloist at concerts.

Both the brother and the sister also became the members of Mensa International, the prominent high IQ society with people who’s IQs fall in the top 2% of the population, at the age of 4. As if there weren’t enough feathers in their cap already! Man! What is it in their genes!

Needless to say, their parents’ hearts are inflated with overwhelming pride and they are always on the move to support their geniuses’ busy schedules! Having such intellectual kids with high ambitions certainly is a fortune: Tanishq wants to become a doctor, a medical researcher, and the president of United States and Tiara dreams of being a renowned international singer and performing at Carnegie Hall and White House!


While we are at it, another example of Indian child siblings who are conquering the world clicks in my mind. And this duo has taken the ‘conquering’ bit quite literally. Very recently, Kandarp Sharma, a five-year old and his 8-years old sister, Ritvika Sharma, have made history by becoming the youngest climbers to reach the base camp of the world’s highest peak, the Mount Everest. When we’re talking about base camp, we are talking about a magnificent 5380 meters height!

The two kids along with their parents set on this voyage to Mt. Everest to send across a message to people that the Everest trekking route has safely dodged the damage and destruction caused by earthquakes in Nepal.

They also touched down the Kalapathar peak which is at an altitude of 5,555 meters close to the base camp. This also implies that these kids have reached a peak which is highest among three continents: Europe, Antarctica and Australasia.

WOW! I mean, I am falling short of words here trying to describe how amazed I am at both of these duos’ achievements!

Shine on kids! You make India proud!

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