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These Cute Dolphin Succulent Plants Will Surely Make Your Life Happy & Green

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  •  April 4, 2017


Japanese are cute people!

All the animals that they feel they can’t pet are converted into the form of pretty, tiny succulent plants. From bunny succulents to dolphin ones, you will love seeing this fantasy colored in green!

Dolphin succulent plants, called the Senecio peregrinus, have a bunch of tiny leaves that look like little dolphins jumping in the air.

Succulent plants

Well, the next thing on my list is to watch them, in real!

Succulent plants

The longer they grow, their vines and leaves look all the more like dolphins. So, imagine the cuteness these plants bring to your home apart from the healthy and cozy environment they provide.

Succulent plants

These pictures shared by Twitter user @kao77neko has already received over 10k retweets and 11k likes since.

We can’t thank you enough @kao77neko!

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